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"Sharing Midwifery Skills and Practices”USA • April 20 – 23, 2022


Choose from a great selection of classes, including:

Shoulder Dystocia with Gail Hart and Marion Toepke McLean
Learn about the mechanical and physical causes of shoulder dystocia. as well as symptoms and signs used to predict it. This class will include an in-depth look at more than 14 maneuvers, and cover mnemonics and the latest research.

Optimal Pelvic Positioning: Working with Gravity with Cathy Daub
In this hands-on class, you will feel your own pelvis and how it moves in various positions, and learn about the Four Principles of Optimal Pelvic Positioning. You will then analyze labor positions that do or do not follow the Four Principles.

Hands, Our Treasured Tools with Lois Wilson
This class will affirm the knowledge and the power we contain and express through our hands. It will remind you that the essence of midwifery is, after all, its hands-on approach to providing care, support, and education.

Prenatal Care to Prevent Complications with Gail Hart
The relationship between midwife and client helps to create a trusting birth experience. Learn how women’s bodies function differently when trust exists. Learn the heart of care during the prenatal period and how that affects the birth. Learn what you missed in midwifery school.

Alternative Remedies for the Childbearing Year with Iris Wolfson
Learn about the use of herbs, nutrients, and other natural remedies as treatments for concerns during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. There will be a shared discussion of when and how to safely use these natural tools and modalities to support health and wellness throughout the childbearing years.

Heart & Art of Birthing Workshop for Doulas with Lois Wilson
Join us as we explore how to create a space for women that is so safe and trusting that the laboring mama can relax, open up, and give birth without fear. What is normal birth? Why trusting birth matters. How to create emotional safety and ease. Working with birth energy. And much, much more.

Best Ways to Prevent Cesarean Deliveries with Risa Klein
This class will explore what medical and psychological conditions predispose and/or lead to cesarean. We will discuss ways to prevent or minimize these risk factors. When a c-section is medically indicated, we will discuss ways to maintain the safety for mother and baby and implement the Gentle Cesarean.

New and Old: Techniques for Controlling and Preventing Hemorrhage with Gail Hart
You will learn how to handle third stage problems with non-pharmacological and manual methods that are frequently faster and more effective than medications. You will also learn about uterine compression and the use of the placenta, cord, and membranes for hemorrhage control.

Pushing in Labor with Julie Tupler
Pushing in labor is a skill that can be practiced during pregnancy so it is second nature in labor. Learn how the Tupler Technique Program teaches pregnant women how to push effectively in labor to prevent the side effects of pelvic floor prolapses, incontinence, and hemorrhoids.


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